JTCA tries to set various standards for safety information and instructions to enhance the quality of user experience.

Current Projects of Standardization

JTCA has developed a variety of rules and standards and clarified criteria and work procedures in an effort to raise the quality of product information and improve efficiency. This has benefited people who access and use product information in various ways, such as by improving safety and expediting the learning process. The fact that these activities are spearheaded by the association makes it possible to pool the experience and knowledge of diverse professionals in a manner that transcends individual corporate and organizational demarcations.

Formulating International Standards for Product Information

The JTCA established an internal working group in November 2005 in order to draft a proposal for a consumer products version of IEC 62079, a standard for preparation of instructions. In May 2006 the proposal was submitted to the government’s IEC/TC3/Documentation Subcommittee. It was then submitted to the IEC after being modified to incorporate the opinions of various organizations. Discussions on the proposal began at IEC headquarters in January 2008 and it was decided that instead of simply creating IEC 62079 Part 2 for consumer products the standard would be entirely revamped and a second edition established. The JTCA will continue participating in standardization initiatives in partnership with the EC, Japanese Standards Association and other related organizations.

Standardization of Connection Instructions for Digital Broadcasting Receivers

Active period: August 2008 through September 2009

Formulating Guidelines for Proofreading Marks and Comments with PDF Proofreading

Active period: November 2008 through March 2010

Creation of Dictionary for Electronic Text Proofreading Tools to Avoid Excessive Comments

Active period: February 2008 through March 2010